The Miraculous Mischief Matthew

Annoyed, I woke up. My alarm had just kicked in, 6:00, I can’t believe my mum made me go running. So I start thinking of excuses.

I think that I could say that I’m felling sick. I could say that if I wanted to stay home, if I didn’t want to go to the beach, if I wanted to have a boring day, then I could say that but I’d rather not. I could say that I have homework that needs to be done. Then it hits me, my homework! I jump onto a computer and open up edmodo and look at a biteslide that our teacher made for our homework.

After reading that I get started on my narrative. What should I write about, hmmmm. I know I’ll write about two guys walking down the street taking out the trash. I know its not very imaginative but it’s due today! I start to write down anything that comes to my mind. Bob and Jim, tripping over the stairs and falling back down the stairs and doing that a billion times. Then finally putting the bins out.”Sounds pretty interesting,” I tell myself sarcastically. So I look around at some other peoples blogs and

After I finish (five minutes later), I look back at the biteslide and look at the requirements. A catchy title… The Bobbling and Jumping Bob and Jim. “It will do,” I tell myself.  I then think about the next goal visuals… A picture of a staircase. An interesting topic… Yep I’ve got that covered. No copying and pasting, yup. Spellcheck, ok no errors there. Paragraphs hmmm… I can do that, easy. Links, yup I can put a link to where he got the staircase.

“Ok now I’m done – now to just post this post,” I tell myself after wondering if that is grammatically correct. Submit!

One thought on “The Miraculous Mischief Matthew

  1. G’day Matthew,
    I love your style of writing. You included everything in my checklist and wrote a narrative in a very interesting way. Congratulations. It is now in the flip magazine.

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